Blue Opal Tumble Stones

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Blue Opal Tumble Stones

Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1-3cm.

Blue Opal is a protective and personal empowerment stone. It is an empowering stone that has the power to help us change our lives. This healing crystal is loaded with energy.

Blue Opal is a calming stone, tension reducer, reduces anxiety and it promotes relaxation, that is why it is great for meditation. It is used to contact spirit guides, and some use it to communicate with people that have passed. Blue Opal has the power of harmony, regeneration and rebirth.

Blue Opal is a transformational stone to change our situations, prospects, relationships and our outlook. It helps with being happier, having a better life,  more capable in life and just enjoying life. It stabilises us emotionally. Blue Opal has a quiet strength that promotes courage, protects us when travelling.

Blue Opal is a purification stone, grounding crystals and also for manifesting good fortune.

Metaphysical healing lore says that Blue Opal is used to strengthen the will to live, and easing the pain of childbirth. It is associated with the eyes and is said to cure headaches. Placing blue opal on the eyes for a few minutes is reported to ease the tension of eye strain. It is also known to alleviate sleep issues. Blue Opal is also helpful for weight loss. It has a soothing, healing energy.