Sardonyx Tumble Stones

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Sardonyx Tumble Stones 

Tumble stone sizes generally range from 1-3cm.

Sardonyx is a crystal of protection, strength, attracts friends and good fortune. It can bring happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. Sardonyx alleviates depression, improves perception and the processing of information. It supplements willpower, increases stamina, vigour and self-control. Sardonyx is most helpful in the healing of bones and lungs, strengthening the immune system and regulates fluids and cell metabolism. 

Sardonyx aids in communication and provides its owner with elegant speech, as well as being a valuable ward against evil. Thought to calm relationships, as well as being credited with the power to attract friends and good fortune, this stone is believed to bring happiness to couples. It is also thought to increase regeneration, intuition and instincts. In addition, Sardonyx is credited with decreasing sexual desire and promoting a change in bad habits.

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