Smokey Citrine Generator Point

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Smokey Citrine Generator Point

approx. 7.1cm

Smoky Citrine is a mixture of gold/yellow Citrine and Golden Smokey Quartz. This complimentary combination is very powerful, particularly in terms of grounding the high vibration of the gold ray into the body physical, or grounding manifestation programs. In many ways Smokey Citrine may be considered a superior crystal in terms of manifestation as more often than not, we would like these manifestations to appear in the third dimension – thus the Smokey grounding energies are very helpful in this respect.

Neither the Smokey or Citrine aspects hinder each others properties, rather they work in perfect harmony with each other. For instance, the Smokey aspect can draw negative energy from the self, and the Citrine aspect will cleanse and transform the energy into a positive state, ready for one to use in an enlightening way.

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